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Areas of Practice

The nature of our world is that there are disputes which arise all too frequently and must be resolved. Our firm handles complex civil litigation and other general legal matters for clients of all sizes and levels of sophistication. We understand that when clients contact us needing assistance, their only concern is having that issue resolved favorably and efficiently so that there is as little impact on their life or business as possible. At Stopa & Associates, we utilize creative and  innovative problem solving so that our clients can get back to business as usual as soon as possible.

The firm’s attorneys  have  experience handling a broad range of cases and legal issues. Our clients include companies in a wide range of industries, including the insurance, technology, consulting, advertising, manufacturing, communications, retail and health care industries. Our clients also include business professionals, sports professionals, entertainers, entrepreneurs, condo associations, franchisees, employers, employees and individuals.

In addition to helping clients solve their problems when litigation is unavoidable, the firm also devotes significant time to counseling clients regarding their day-to day business/legal concerns. A large part of our practice consists of advising clients on how to minimize the risk of litigation and in negotiating contracts and documents so that should a dispute arise the client’s rights are spelled out as clearly as possible. We believe strongly that a little time and effort at the outset can help our clients minimize, or sometimes even avoid, the cost and expense associated with litigation and other dispute resolution forums, and it our objective to provide our clients with that type of preventative service.


Negligence, personal injury cases and workers compensation are matters wherein clients retain the firm to sue for monetary damages for injuries caused by third parties. This serious responsibility is among the most important tasks undertaken by the firm. The firm is uniquely positioned, having attorneys who have practiced extensively representing both the parties seeking damages as well as defending such cases through a myriad of insurance carriers.

These cases require attention to complicated time limitations, involve records management, depositions, interrogatories, arbitration, structured settlements and trials. The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in both litigating and settling personal injury cases ranging into the millions of dollars. The firm is well versed in these areas to assure the client receives personal, quality service results.

Negligence and personal injury cases touch almost all areas of life. Automobile accidents, workers compensation, malpractice, defective products, construction accidents and sports injuries are just a few examples.



The firm provides extraordinary depth in the area of Commercial Law practice. Whether a client needs guidance in the formation of his or her business organization (sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, limited partnership or corporation), or advice on the legal rights and responsibilities which flow from such an organization, the firm has experienced attorneys available to provide insight, advice and representation.

For the established business, the firm provides experienced practitioners in commercial litigation, lease negotiation and preparation, condominium conversions, employer/employee relations, corporate separations and business dissolutions.

In the event a client is seeking to purchase or sell a business, the firm has attorneys experienced in the entire process, from contract negotiation and preparation, through governmental approvals, financing and closing of title. The attorney makes sure there is full and complete interaction between him or her and the client’s financial and accounting advisors.

The firm offers services in the following areas of commercial law:

Incorporations - Corporate Law

Joint Ventures - Partnerships

Limited Partnerships

Condominium Conversions

Commercial Leases

Employment Relations

Business Dissolution

Financial Transactions

Government Approvals




The purchase or sale of a home, property or business is often the most important reason an individual retains a lawyer. The firm assures the client receives professional service in this important transaction. The expertise of the attorneys handling such matters assures that each transaction will receive personal attention and will transpire smoothly.

In our practice, we represent individuals, lending institutions, developers and other real estate professionals in every aspect of real estate purchases, sales and development.

Many clients also utilize the firm in related areas such as refinancing their existing mortgages, zoning, subdivision applications and landlord-tenancy.




This area of the law is among the most personal and difficult to practice. The issues include child custody, support, alimony, property distribution, property settlement agreements and separation. The firm has established a record of success indicative of the commitment the firm has made to assist our clients in this difficult time of their lives.

Stopa & Associates takes a progressive approach to divorce and family law. We provide our clients with experienced, knowledgeable and skilled divorce and family law attorneys and support staff so that each client has the most comprehensive counsel and representation possible.

With understanding and compassion for the delicate issues associated with divorce and family law, we are committed to obtaining the very best results for each of our clients.  We strive to do so by delivering those results in a professional, cost-efficient and practical manner with the client always having the opportunity to dictate how he or she would like to have their matter handled.

Our firm represents clients in all types of divorce and family law matters including providing advice, counsel and representation in divorce cases (uncontested, contested and complex divorce litigation), the negotiation of prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, property division and distribution, child custody matters in Massachusetts, interstate child custody and international child custody matters, access and visitation matters, child support disputes, spousal maintenance and alimony awards, paternity matters, orders of protection, adoptions, and issues relating to guardianships and conservatorships.



Being mindful of man’s mortality, clients seek the firm’s advice regarding Wills, Estate Plans, Trusts, Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorney, Living Trusts, Health Care Proxies and the settling of their worldly estates.

A Will is a document in which the important last wishes of a person are stated. Among those considerations are: (1) who should be the guardian of minor children (so the Courts do not choose the guardian), (2) the distribution of the individual’s assets, (3) the establishment of trusts for individuals, (4) important tax consequences, (5) who should be the executor of the Estate.

The Estate is the actual accumulation and distribution of the assets pursuant to the directions of the Will. The Estate also pays the bills and obligations of the decedent. In many cases, the firm will prepare and file the Federal and State Tax Returns, Accountings, and related documents for the Estate.

In larger Estates, the firm will explore with the client various Estate Planning devices designed to lighten the Federal Estate Tax burden upon death.

To serve our clients in this important capacity the firm has a dedicated staff that has spent years developing various estate plans.


Clients from all walks of life may need assistance or advice in this area of the law from time to time for themselves or family members. If our clients or their friends or relatives need help, they know the firm will be there to offer quality assistance to them. Our firm has extensive experience both in the state and federal courts.

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